TPV Park

Manage your car park easily over the Internet.

Online POS is a technology that allows you to manage your business and make payments from a digital platform. No installable software, available from any PC, tablet or smartphone. It consists of 2 different services to achieve the easiest control at the lowest cost:


Your collection box on the Internet. Administer and manage each access, vehicle and collection. Control your parking easily from anywhere.


The mobile app that allows you to issue tickets and let your customers in, make payments or function as a parking lot with valet service.

tpv parking online
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100% online

Web service and app connected to the cloud.

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Total control

of accesses, collections and employees.

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Maximum security

Data stored in protected centers.

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Electronic billing

Generation of digital invoice.

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monthly subscription

Without permanence and at low cost.

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Expandable with equipment

Automation with equipment i+D3


Your collection box on the Internet.

Manage your parking through any web browser. Easy. No software installations. Your employees will be able to register the vehicles they park and make payments using any Internet-enabled device. Meanwhile, you control everything that happens in the car park from anywhere, at any time.

tpv web parking

Main functionalities

  • Management of employees and shifts, with a record of what is billed by each one.
  • Registration of each vehicle by its license plate and digital ticket.
  • Collection box, with record of the amount and form of payment.
  • Occupancy control and parked vehicles in real time.
  • Manage your car park from any device through a browser: PC, tablet and smartphone.
  • Integrable with i+D3 equipment for greater access control and automation.
  • Monthly payment of the service without permanence.
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The parking POS on your mobile

3Park2Go is an app that allows parking employees to check in and charge customers directly from a smartphone. A tool designed both for small car parks that need a simple and portable box, car parks that need a supplement to charge at peak traffic, and for car parks with valet and valet services.

Parking the vehicle

Park2Go allows you to register the vehicle's license plate and take a photo when a vehicle parks or is picked up by the valet service, as well as recording the date and time of entry. The app connects to a small portable printer, allowing you to print tickets and receipts.

tpv movil parking

Prepaid and postpaid charges

3Park2Go allows the customer to be charged at the time of parking or picking up the vehicle (prepaid), or once the car leaves the parking lot (postpaid).

Configure different types of products, day subscriptions, hour packages and rotation rates.

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Vehicle control and connection with barriers

The app shows a detailed list of parking occupancy, with information on all parked vehicles, parking time and amount charged. Full control of your business.

It also allows remote opening of the barriers installed in the car park.

tpv parking app

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